Keep Track of your fleet of tractors, harvesters and all agricultural vehicles from one easy to use platform.

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Agricultural vehicle and equipment theft is increasing at an alarming rate. One potential way to help secure your assets is to use a GPS tracking device.

Fitting conventional tracking systems is, however, not always a viable option as agricultural vehicles may lie unused for extended periods and a tracking system could drain the battery.

Our systems can overcome this through their own rechargeable battery and by reverting to a very low power mode when not reporting. By doing this, the tracking system can continue to monitor a piece of agricultural plant or equipment for up to two months of inactivity. The battery is then recharged automatically as soon as the equipment is in use again.

We have over a 90% recovery rate for stolen Plant and Agricultural vehicles – protect your investment & business today!

Driver behaviour reports allow you to monitor and manage your fleet to ensure vehicles are used correctly and efficiently. Reports allow you to monitor drivers’ speed, acceleration and braking.

Timesheets and mileage reporting allow huge savings in administration, overtime and mileage claims.

Ensure your company complies with the latest duty of care and working time responsibilities.

We would love to discuss your business requirement, or to provide you with a demo call: 0808 126 1516.

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