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Whether it’s 1 car or 1,000+ vans, keeping track of your fleet can seem painful & complex at times. We can make this very simple and all at the touch of a button



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Keeping track of your fleet of company cars or vans can seem like a complex activity. However, with the right business vehicle tracking solution it can be made simpler. Our fleet tracking solutions provide essential data reporting for your company vehicles, often with multiple drivers per vehicle. GPS vehicle tracking is an invaluable service for all businesses with company vehicles or remote workers.

Driver behaviour reports allow you to monitor and manage your fleet to ensure vehicles are used correctly and efficiently. Reports allow you to monitor drivers’ speed, acceleration, braking, harsh cornering and even high revs. This is automatically placed in a driver league table to easily identify drivers who need ’educating’ to good driving practices and to identify areas of risk across your business.

Timesheets and mileage reporting allow huge savings in administration, overtime and mileage claims.

Ensure your company complies with the latest duty of care and working time responsibilities.

We would love to discuss your business requirement, or to provide you with a demo call: 0808 126 1516.

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