Businesses of all sizes can benefit from GPS vehicle tracking systems, from national couriers and to regional taxi firms, and many more – basically, any business with company vehicles. Here are just some advantages of this technology.

1. Reduce costs

Speed & fuel consumption

Your tracking system tells you the speed your vehicles are travelling at. According to the AA, driving at 80mph can consume up to 25% more fuel compared to driving at 70mph, and driving at 70mph uses 15% more fuel than at 50mph. When this is applied across an entire fleet of vehicles, your potential for fuel savings could be significant.

Business vehicle tracking allows you to monitor fuel consumption on a per driver basis, enabling you to spot inefficient driving styles such as speeding, hard braking or acceleration, or leaving the engine idling while parked, which can all increase your fuel bill.

The data from your tracking system gives you the opportunity to address these issues, improving a driver’s training to reduce fuel wastage.

You’ll also be able to see where your vehicles get caught up in slow-moving traffic. This kind of stop-start driving uses more fuel, but you can use the data from your tracking system to see if changing the route or driving at a different time of day enables you to be more fuel-efficient.

2. Insurance

Many insurance companies offer lower premiums for vehicles with a GPS tracking system installed; it can help in the recovery of stolen vehicles, and drivers who know they’re being monitored tend to driver more safely.

3. Increase productivity

Van fleet

The data transmitted by the GPS system is collected into a server, which your company fleet manager can access any time using software on a computer, smartphone or tablet. This shows the real-time location of your tracked vehicles on a map, revealing delays, unauthorised stops by the driver or other unproductive activity by employees.

The automation of your tracking system should also reduce the time drivers spend on paperwork – instead you’ll have detailed information at your fingertips. As an added bonus, automated reporting reduces the risk of human error or misleading records.

4. Improve driver safety

It’s fair to say many of us would do things slightly differently if we knew our driving behaviour was being monitored and your employees are no different. Vehicle tracking systems tend to improve poor driving habits, and in turn the safety of your employees.

In the event that one of your fleet breaks down, your tracking system lets you know the precise location of the vehicle so you can send help without delay. If your driver is stuck on a busy motorway hard shoulder, in an isolated or poorly lit area, his safety is improved with every minute you shave off the time it takes to get to him.

5. Customer friendly

Wouldn’t it be useful to tell people when their delivery might arrive, or how far away the nearest taxi is? Using tracking technology, you can give them up-to-the-minute information,  making your business a lot more customer friendly.

See the benefits for yourself!

There are so many features of a tracking system that will benefit your business – why not ask us for a demonstration or a free trial? Installation is free and there are no up-front costs or ties to long contracts.

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