White van on the roadIf you manage a fleet or vehicles without a fleet tracking service, you’ll know how difficult a juggling act it is to keep all your balls in the air at the same time as keeping business costs to a minimum.  Fleet managers are expert project managers, simultaneously keeping on top of where their drivers are, where they need to go, how they’re going to get there, and what it’s costing the company.

Managing a fleet is certainly a challenge for any business; a fleet tracking system offers greater efficiency and cost savings but do they justify the financial commitment? The answer to that has to be “Yes”!  Some of savings are instantly apparent, but a fleet tracking system also brings some less obvious financial benefits.

Cost savings on fuel

Fleet tracking allows you to accurately map the routes your drivers need to take.  Unnecessarily lengthy routes from A to B can be more or less eliminated, which means a reduction in excess mileage and fuel costs.

A good tracking system will also log how long vehicles are idling with their engines running. Minimising this (by route analysis and by driver awareness training) can also reduce fuel expenses.

Satisfied customers spend more money

Improving your customer service is a great by-product of your fleet tracking system.  By making the routes your drivers take more efficient, you are reducing the time it takes them to reach their destination and improving customer service.  You’ll know exactly where your drivers are at any given time, allowing you to more accurately predict and inform your customers of arrival times.

Reduced maintenance costs

Optimising journey routes and duration means a reduction in wear and tear on your vehicles, leading to a healthy reduction in fleet maintenance costs.

More favourable vehicle insurance

Insurance companies often look favourably at companies which utilise a fleet tracking service because it often leads to an improvement in driving habits and fewer claims.

Most commonly, you’ll find that you can monitor your drivers’ habits and train them accordingly if you find any regular breaches of speed limits.  This has the extra advantage of having all the data available to challenge any incorrect allegations of speeding should you need to. You can also ensure that drivers are taking their regular breaks, reducing the risk of accidents.

Another positive signal to insurers is that tracking devices also tend to deter thieves.  Even if a determined thief does break into your vehicle, a tracking system often allows for effective recovery.

Increased workforce productivity

Streamlining the movements of your fleet usually results in an increase in the productivity of your workforce.  It will be easier for your drivers to complete their rounds during their shifts and perhaps even allow them time to take on extra duties. Your tracking system may also minimise the need for your workforce to work overtime, therefore reducing your payroll costs.


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