In a time when the utility industry is under significant pressure from both its customers and regulatory authorities, it’s imperative that the highest levels of service are achieved and maintained. Industries such as energy, water and telecoms are going to great lengths to ensure that their operational processes are robust, easy to manage and measurable.

Vehicle tracking has allowed many organisations to respond to these demands by ensuring optimum efficiency across their fleets, making certain that the greatest service levels can be offered to their customers. Here’s how fleet tracking worked for one of Track King’s customers in the utility industry.

The Company

Spie logoOur Customer, SPIE Distribution & Transmission, was established in 2008 as an independent utilities contractor supporting Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).  They provide a range of engineering and utility services including mains replacement, underground cabling and overhead line management.

The Challenge

Since it was established, SPIE Distribution & Transmission has experienced ongoing success and constant growth leading to a year-on-year increase in the number of field-based employees.

The nature of the role means that these employees are constantly on the move.  Effectively managing this mobile workforce as well as an ever-expanding workforce is of vital importance.

The company works on a national level with hundreds of vehicles, from light commercials through to heavy goods and specialist machinery. It’s necessary for them to ensure that they manage the safety of their employees, clients and the general public whilst optimising the fleet to deliver the greatest possible service.

In doing this, they aim to significantly reduce costs, allowing them to remain the most competitive partner to work with.

SPIE Distribution & Transmission had used several ‘tracking’ suppliers previously, yet none had provided the level of service required.  In all previous cases, the suppliers involved had not worked closely with the organisation and had failed both to understand its individual demands and to manage a roll-out of telematics to suit them.

The Solution

Track King succeeded where previous tracking suppliers had failed by working closely with the management team to ensure a full understanding of their business process. We worked with SPIE Distribution & Transmission to establish how tracking could be deployed across their fleet.  Most importantly, we helped the business to manage their solution on an ongoing basis.

This has involved weekly and monthly meetings to manage the data and results that tracking can deliver. Eventually, a solution that included driver behaviour management was rolled out across the fleet. This enabled complete control as well as huge improvements in efficiency, safety and operational management.

The company benefited through financial savings in many areas including fuel reduction, reduced wear and tear on vehicles and tyres, and vast improvements in safety. All this whilst helping to ensure they meet all the regulatory requirements placed on fleets.

The results

Within months of working together we were able to deliver a significant reduction in poor driver behaviour.  We are now proud to report that over the course of almost 1 million journeys across UK roads, none of SPIE Distribution & Transmission’s drivers are listed in the category of ‘poor driver’.

The company’s Managing Director Stuart Fraser explains these results.

“The benefits of using Track King to deliver our vehicle tracking massively outweigh the small costs involved. The benefits that we have already seen include productivity increase, more fuel efficiency, less fuel abuse, less wasted travel, reduction in speeding, improvement in driver behaviour and better response times in emergency works”

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